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  1. vorpal

    Hi Matt,

    Today, in honour of you and your “Sodomite Suppression Mandate”, I will engage in extra sessions of extra-gay-as-hell buttsecks with my husband of 11 years.

    Thanks for inspiring us to new levels of Super Sodomy, cupcake!


  2. Mrs. BJ Jackson-Lincoln

    Dear Mr. McLaughlin,
    Now that we know who you are, we will be watching you VERY closely. You may think you are trying to get one over in your state, but you are not. The entire country is watching YOU. You may want to back off and go back to your small little life BEFORE you are labeled a terrorist. Just because you are a “christian” does not mean you can kill or threaten to kill or threaten to change the law to allow killing.
    We know who you are and WE are watching you.

    Thank you


  3. Lindsay Hirsch

    Poor thing… Not only do you not understand law, you’ll find yourself losing and losing again… Remember the definition of “insanity”…


  4. Brian Keith

    Careful what you are asking for here; the bible is replete with sins punishable by death. It may end up being someone you care for and is close to you. A parent, sibling, niece, nephew, or even your own child someday, or even you, perhaps- that may be subject to the punishment you seem so ready to dish out. You’re an attorney- I would think you are intelligent enough to understand that.
    Don’t misconstrue this as a threat by me, it isn’t. Just simple logic that I am pointing out. Man isn’t infallible.

    As a taxpayer, I ask that you stop your nonsense that is costing the state money that could otherwise go towards causes that further society and man. As a fellow human being, I am asking you to be a better person. As a Christian, I ask that you to stop giving Christianity a black eye. We are better than that.

    Someday, if you are fortunate, you will likely regret your actions. When that day comes, know that we pity you and feel sorry for you.


  5. Daniel Jenkins

    Born gay. Not going away. You come for me and I’ll be waiting with my gun to suppress your right to live in an act of self-defense.


  6. Anonymous

    You must have some seriously hot male-male fantasies to make you as screwed up as you are. Get help. You don’t have to hate yourself (and project onto others) for who you are. You KNOW it’s true.


  7. Gloria Katz

    What kind of “Christian” are you? Jesus would definitely not approve of your anti-sodomite bill.


  8. Retired Vet

    You are just as bad as the people we are fighting in the Middle East right now. What does the bible say about stoning disobedient children? Are they next?
    Sincerely, Retired Vet


  9. Bob

    love this guy! years of entertainment and God hasn’t acted on his prayers yet…guess God thinks he’s an idiot…LOL


  10. JTK

    Greetings. I just wanted to say that I identify with your concern that Christians are ashamed of things they should not be ashamed of. They have become sinfully silent, and sinfully complacent. I would criticize how your SS Act was drafted, but not that such a thing was drafted. Some provisions could be more Christian. I’ll forbear details unless you want to correspond privately. Perhaps you’ll find helpful the following:



  11. Urra Ahsol

    You are literally a dangerous man. I’d openly advocate for your arrest and incarceration for inciting terrorism.

    I bet you wear mixed fabrics, something also banned in leviticus. I bet you each shellfish too, you hypocritical asshole.

    Your petition to have you disbarred has 145k signatures, I think you should be. What a dick.


  12. Joseph Freije

    Would like to discuss a possible reverse discrimination law suit where straight customers can ask to work with straights not homosexuals without being harassed and forced to deal with a homosexual. I have a very good example of such a case.


  13. Anonymous

    You words are words of a insignificant, ignorant heretic. You have used the words of God to project a personal hatred toward a class of individuals that have endured enough hatred. Jesus is God and said on the mount, “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you yourself (Mathew 7:12).” These words are words of peace. You need to seek spiritual assistance in your area.


  14. MatthewMcLaughin Isapieceofshit

    You are DISGUSTING and you are by No means a Christian. You are a psycho and you are Satanic, you follow the teachings of the devil. Trust and believe, you will never hurt me. I know my 2nd amendment right and can defend myself if need be. So good luck with that you piece of trash unchristian Monster.


  15. mrandmrswhite

    Greetings from Northern Ireland Sir. I heard your name mentioned on an archived radio programme. I had not heard of your Sodomite Suppression Bill before. I am an Evangelical Christian. My husband and daughter are likewise Bible-believers. I have stood for election three times here in Northern Ireland and my campaign slogan on the last two occasions was “Biblically Correct NOT Politically Correct.” I called for the recriminalisation of homosexuality and the banning of “gay” pride parades in my Manifesto (to give two examples) but I did not call for the execution of homosexuals. I also said that I would make adultery illegal and I would imprison adulterers and homosexuals, but I would not call for their execution (unless they committed murder.) We have a blog on the internet and you will find much on it to interest you. Our blog address is If you google West Tyrone Decides, you can view a pre-election debate I took part in last year in which I took a strong stand against abortion and homosexuality. You will need to skip to an hour or so into the video to hear my opening speech (I was one of eight candidates present that night) then we were asked 5 questions. Question 2 dealt with abortion and question 5 dealt with homosexuality. I have not been successful in any of the three elections in which I was a candidate. I came last in two and second last in the most recent election (last week.) To say this is discouraging is an understatement.


  16. matthewgregorymclaughlin

    The sodomites and their allies don’t give you any credit when you call for their imprisonment rather than for their death, so your ‘mercy’ toward them is completely wasted.
    If you are indeed a Bible believer then stand with the word of God – it says nothing about lesser punishments. It’s not my burden to justify God. I will let God defend his own position. I will confess that on the day I saw the world-wide back-lash against my proposal and thought to myself, “The whole world hates you, they call you names, they say you are unfair and extreme … are you?” I sat stunned for an hour in amazement. But suddenly like a bolt out of the blue all doubt was cleared away. Didn’t God write the Bible? Didn’t I propose exactly what God wrote? So isn’t God on the hook to justify this punishment and not me? Yes indeed, I’m not the author. God is. When God repents and changes his Holy Scriptures to say that sodomites should be imprisoned or fined or given any other penalty other than death, then I will be the very first person to fall on my face in retraction. But not until then. Never until then. Until then, I will see the sodomites all put to death exactly as Holy Scripture demands – old and new testament.
    I didn’t set that standard or decree that punishment – so it’s not for me to lessen what the sodomites deserve. The sodomite offenders unreservedly deserve the death penalty.
    St Paul said, “For if I be an offender, or have committed any thing worthy of death, I refuse not to die…” Acts 25:11a. I’m not proposing matters concerning the souls of men – may every condemned man be given the opportunity before execution to meet with a gospel minister and settle those matters concerning his soul, putting them in order and, by God’s grace, may he receive salvation. But he must die nevertheless. As Paul wrote of the civil authorities, “For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.” Romans 13:4.
    God willing, I will continue to pester the state of California concerning this issue – earning hate from God’s enemies, which is to be expected, but also bitterness from some of God’s people who are resentful of the embarrassment my zeal has occasioned for them on account of their own lukewarmness. That the Lord would task me, a nobody, to this strange ministry is a wonder to behold. “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.” Revelation 3:19


  17. required

    You really are a pathetic, mean-spirited vile snip of humanity. You’re proof of the possible range of human emotions, and not in a good way.

    I only hope you fall in with people who will treat you as you demand those you have demonized be treated, in the name of *their* hold book….it would be poetic justice.


  18. Anonymous

    You are awesome! Thankfully there are still Christians out there that aren’t afraid of the sodomite agenda and are standing on the
    Word of God!


  19. Anonymous

    We slaughtered you in the Soviet era, we will slaughter you in this era. Umpqua, Christina Grimmie, and Normandy are only the start of our onslaught of bible-lovers


  20. Anonynous

    Bigot. That is all the time and effort I will waste on a pig like you. Why don’t you go f***k Trump. You two beling together.


  21. Anonymous

    Bigot. That is all the time and effort I will waste on a pig like you. Why don’t you go f***k Trump. You two belong together.


  22. Welo

    Mr. McLaughlin, you might consider the advantages of relocating to another locale more suited and attuned to your beliefs and rights. Regrettably, Alabama, the state I am envisioning, has endured a recent setback in this regard. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, Roy Moore, has of late been penalized for his from-the-bench advocacy of the very standards and aims you both share in terms of a return to a wholly heterosexually-based society. That said, the Chief Justice has endured other clashes with the more permissive legislature and judiciary before, and was nonetheless re-elected to his current post by the majority of Alabama voters. Despite Moore’s current travails, my belief is that you would find a warm greeting and many like minds there. Please accept this comment as a well-meaning suggestion that you may gain additional strength where you find yourself among your ideological peers. Yours, S.W.


  23. mrandmrswhite

    I write from Northern Ireland and I have commented on your blog in the recent past. I am shocked to read your endorsement of Donald Trump. No true Christian who believes the Bible could endorse either candidate (Clinton and Trump) for both are wicked and mirror images of each other. You are endorsing a man who is as pro-LGBT as he could possibly be and you expect him to execute sodomites? You Sir are a hypocrite of the highest order and you don’t seem to care one bit about the wicked sin of adultery. Trump is an adulterer and if he had lived under Moses, he would have perished along with the sodomites. God viewed adultery as being in the same category as homosexuality i.e deserving of the death penalty in the Old Testament. I call for the recriminalisation of adultery and homosexuality and the imprisonment (not execution) of offenders. I call for the death penalty for murder. If you think that homosexuals should be executed, why are you not also calling for the execution of adulterers?


  24. matthewgregorymclaughlin

    You bizarrely equate natural relations between men and women (adultery) with completely unnatural copulations (sodomy), and you’d like taxpayers to give convicted sodomites free food and shelter (in jail) – rather than put them to death, even though that is what they deserve. Your tender heart for filthy faggots is rather suspicious and hypocritical.

    You’re a Bible ignoramus that can’t rightly divide what applies on this fallen earth, with the spiritual principles applicable to the kingdom of God.

    In this fallen world, God used David and Sampson mightily, and overlooked their sins, despite their natural troubles with women, but God never used an unnatural sodomite for anything – they always deserve death under the law. If God had to vaporize cities on this earth for adultery, they’d all get destroyed. But he burned up Sodom and Gomorrah with eternal fire because they were sodomites. But spiritually in Christ, there is forgiveness for everybody – no sinner is beyond the saving power of Jesus Christ.

    I hope sodomites repent, trust Christ, and get their souls saved, but tolerating them under the law destroys a nation. Societies must put them to death, or get what Sodom and Gomorrah got.

    ” I will not punish your daughters when they commit whoredom, nor your spouses when they commit adultery: for themselves are separated with whores, and they sacrifice with harlots: therefore the people that doth not understand shall fall.” Hosea 4:14


    ” But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.” Luke 17:29-30

    Donald Trump isn’t running for ‘pope’ – I support him.


  25. Anonymous

    You are NOT a Christian! You are an abomination to the faith. You will reap as you sow as the evil and deplorable creature that you are.


  26. Anonymous

    Christian lawyer?!!!! Ha! You wouldn’t know Christ if he was standing right in front of you. The little voice you hear in your head is your own and not God’s. You are an embarrassment to Christ and true Christians worldwide.


  27. Anonymous

    The ten commandments states that “Thou shalt not kill.” There are no asterisks or special consideration towards gays and other people who you fear. Like Sodom and Gomorrah, God can destroy sinners if he wishes to and it’s not your place to have any part in that. You are an embarrassment to Christ and humanity!


  28. kay

    Whatever happened to turn the other cheek, the eye of a needle, etc? Christianity? You’re doing it wrong.

    PS – just come out of your closet. You’ll feel better and we won’t have to listen to your drivel.


  29. Josh

    Thank you for standing up for what is right.

    I hope to see legislation that will remove all gays from the bench.

    You are doing the right thing. It’s time to cleans California.

    God’s speed,


  30. matthewgregorymclaughlin

    You’re wrong. Moral standards remain. Jesus was demonstrating the failure of man’s morality before God, he was not repudiating the need for moral codes amongst men. Re-read that about 100 times until it sinks in.


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