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Did Facebook, Paypal, Twitter, Youtube, Google, and Gofundme discriminate against you??

It is reported that Paypal, Twitter, Youtube/Google, and other high-tech companies head-quartered in California appear to be engaging in wide-spread view-point discrimination against politically unpopular Right-wing users in the name of combating what they selectively call “hate”. Meanwhile these companies take no action against the Left-wing users who spew hate against decency and morality.

After being blocked or demoted on one of these sites due to anonymous accusations of violating nebulous “terms of service” conditions, one must make a Kafkaesque “appeal” to the company’s “Team” for re-instatement, often unsuccessfully.

Finding a new website with comparable services is extremely difficult, if not impossible. This is because these platforms dump their services “free” into the market drawing the entire public in as their exclusive customers thus making it impossible for competing firms to capture any market share.

These monopolies amplify anti-right-wing discrimination by also forcing the firms doing business with them to adopt the same type of boycott. Politically-correct witch-hunts end up ostracising people from important internet-based websites that everybody else in society, including politicians & government agencies, rely upon. Further, these hypocritical companies claim to be immune from any liability stemming from the conduct of their users, yet they selectively do control and regulate users who espouse right-wing viewpoints.

Although true freedom includes the freedom to discriminate, that is not today’s law. Left-wingers have erected a lopsided “non-discrimination” regime that only operates to punish the sensible conduct of private families and businesses: Left-wing degeneracy is left untouched.

The only true freedom and right is to obey the God-given mandate to do what is objectively right. Liberal companies who unfairly discriminate against decent right-wing Christian people in the name of ‘anti-hate’ policies have perverted notions of their freedom. We need not quietly acquiesce while they ostracise us.

These companies created open-forums to the general public of persons of every persuasion, and they dumped their “free” services into the market to capture internet monopolies, and they have come to provide what are essentially “necessary goods” in today’s computer-age. Given such a situation, these liberal do-gooder companies, despite being “private,” should nevertheless be restricted from their right to discriminate against the users of their services on the basis of conservative viewpoints, including the advocacy for discrimination.

Facebook, Paypal, Twitter, Youtube, and Gofundme have corporate headquarters in California and would be subject to jurisdiction here for a class-action lawsuit against them.

NOTICE: Please feel free to contact me if you were/are a user of Facebook, Paypal, Twitter, Youtube/Google, Gofundme (or other high-profile internet company based in California) and you would like to discuss participating in a possible class-action lawsuit against these companies because they unfairly terminated or demoted you based on their accusations of “hate” due to your right-wing values.

Inquiries will be kept in confidence. I can be reached at matthewgregorymclaughlin ^at^ protonmail.com


” Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? Unless the LORD had been my help, my soul had almost dwelt in silence.” Psalms 94:16-17